Within Jackie Johnson Mortgages, it is understood that purchasing a home is one of your biggest life decisions - Jackie is here to help that decision become a smooth and simple reality.

When looking to obtain a mortgage in Canada, you typically will be given two options: a mortgage from a bank or from a licensed mortgage professional. 

A licensed mortgage professional is capable of reaching banks, credit unions, trust companies and financial institutions, sending them millions of dollars within the mortgage industry each year, where a bank can only obtain products from their own institution. A licensed mortgage professional can bring their clients more options and access to hundreds of mortgage products. As a client of a licensed mortgage professional you can trust, have confidence and feel secure in knowing that you will receive the best mortgage for your needs. 

You can feel confident that you are making the right decision while receiving professional, educated and experienced advice when it comes to buying your first home, investing in your property or renewing your current mortgage.